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When following a traditional sales funnel, you need to advance through the awareness, interest, and decision stage before closing a deal in your B2B sales cycle. 

In the blink of an eye, six months can pass while you’re fielding questions from an average of 7-10 decision makers at a single company.  

That drawn out B2B selling process is bound to discourage even the most seasoned sales pro. 

With Q/N Solutions, it’s easy to close deals faster by vetting prospects and facilitating one-on-one meetings with qualified members. 

Q/N Solutions simplifies B2B solution-finding by connecting members directly with vetted solution providers. Members can specify their needs and goals, get a customized shortlist of best-fit solution providers, and schedule meetings with their top choices in just a few clicks.  

Check out the video to see how simple it is to schedule and accept meeting requests:  

Skip 75 percent of the sales funnel and connect with qualified buyers through Q/N Solutions. For a limited time, we’re offering six free meetings with qualified executive buyers.