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It’s easy to see that the B2B Buying process is broken, so we set out to discover the reasons why.  

The struggle is real for both buyers and sellers, but it doesn’t have to be such a long and arduous journey. 

Using industry research from Gartner, and other sources, we developed an eBook covering: 

  • Where B2B buying lost its way 
  • Why the process leads to poor outcomes and buyer dissatisfaction 
  • What led to a process that hurts both buyers and providers 
  • How a revolutionary concept is changing the path forward  

Our illustrated guide helps you discover a better way for B2B sales. Download The Journey of B2B Buying to learn more.  

“With over 24,000 B2B solution providers on the market (and 15,000 in the U.S. alone), finding the right software is complex.” It’s a complex search for the buyer and nearly as complex to find the right decision-maker at the end of the funnel. 

Prospecting takes time and can leave you empty handed or juggling the needs of multiple stakeholders. Our research shows it’s common to include 7-10 people in the B2B buying process.  

At Quartz Network we built a community of more than 10,000 members who tell us their challenges and we connect them directly with the best-fit solutions providers that solve them. 

 Find out how Q/N Solutions helps you meet 1-on-1 with qualified new customers, on-demand.