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IMPACT Audience Snapshot

The simple secret behind IMPACT’s senior-level audience? We’re invitation-only. Our team vets every attendee before the event, ensuring every meeting you take is with a senior-level decision maker who needs your product.
Areas of Responsibility
  • Asset Optimization
  • Automation/Assembly Equipment
  • Continuous Improvement/Lean
  • Cost Reduction in Regards to Competition
  • Demand and Production Planning
  • Direct Materials Sourcing
  • Energy & Waste Management
  • Facility & Equipment Maintenance
  • Government Regulations
  • Green / Sustainability Practices
  • Innovation
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Management of Technology and Solution
  • Life Cycle of Manufacturing Operations and Control Systems
  • Maximizing Facility Space/ Current Footprint
  • Process & Machine Safety
Attendees by Job Title
Company Size by Employee
Annual Sales

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