Senior decision makers are looking for your product. Let us introduce you.

QN Solutions  is the first and only on-demand solution finding software. Tell us about your products and get matched to the people looking for them for 1-on-1 meetings.

Used by industry leading solution providers in every category

Executives bring projects. 

Senior decision makers join Quartz Network with new, high-priority projects in need of solutions. Their public QN profiles include key data, including role, company title, project information, and more.

How It Works

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15,000+ professionals use QN to research and qualify their tech purchases. Meet the ones that fit your ideal customer profile.

Match with decisions makers for one-on-one meetings. 

Our community is carefully vetted. Everyone your team meets is:

- Manager level or above.
- Has authority to make a purchase.
- Has an immediate need for your solution.

You’re matched to senior decision makers based on the specific customer criteria you define. Only qualified opportunities will be delivered as meeting candidates. 

Take lead qualification off of your plate.

By automating your lead matching process, you can bypass about 75% of the sales process, making it infinitely easier and faster to get new customers. 

Reduce the complexity and length of your sales process.

Eliminate qualification from your team and make every sale significantly less expensive to obtain. Compare the ROI of your current strategy to one with QN Solutions.

Improve your ROI and accurately measure it. 

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Tell us about the types of decision makers you want to reach. The QN platform offers extensive parameter controls so you always connect with the right person, in the right kind of role, at the right type of company.

You define your ideal customer.


We match you for one-on-one meetings.

After you've matched with a senior decision maker, you can each send meeting requests to one another. Enjoy breezy automated scheduling and receive in-depth qualification data before every meeting, allowing you to tailor your pitch and make the sale.

15,000+ professionals are researching their next purchase on Quartz Network. Connect to the ones looking for you.

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Flexible Pricing for every team.

Meeting Credit packages are available for all budgets and team sizes. Credits can be loaded at any time, and at any amount. Whether you prefer to pay as you go, or buy in bulk for a major discount, QN Solutions is simple to implement and signficantly reduces cost per acqusition. 

Shorten your sales cycle and exceed your team's goals with B2B's only opportunity generation platform.

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"Thanks so much ! It's kind of wild having so many big budget organizations popping up right on our doorstep. Couldnt be happier with how things are going." 
– Marketing Associate

"We've been using Quartz Network's Solutions Platform for about 5 months, and we're quite impressed with the offering. It connects us with qualified prospects in the market to buy, all in an intimate, 1-on-1 environment." 
– Digital Marketing 

"The Quartz Network Solutions process was truly impressive! Every point highlighted in the meeting preparation document was 100% accurate and the customer was ready to engage in a meaningful conversation.”
– Amazon Web 

Get sales qualified meetings. On demand.


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